Willow Creek Rescue & Rehab

About the Rescue

At-A-Glance Willow Creek Rescue is the perfect place to find a new furever friend.  A no-kill facility aiming to give all horses a second chance, regardless of past issues, Willow Creek makes sure every horse receives top-notch veterinary care to ensure that they are all up-to-date on their vaccines.  Depending on their stats, horses may be trained to higher levels to increase their chances of finding a home. 100% user-funded, the rescue only receives a yearly grant from Ranch N’ Craft Economy.

What’s Provided

Each horse that comes to Willow Creek is kept until they find a furever home.  They are checked by vets, vaccinated, and trained while they stay at the rescue.  The staff who work for the rescue ensure that they are fed and cared for, and trained if needed.

Quiet Quarantine

Willow Creek provides a safe haven of quarantine for horses with auction sickness.  

You can rent a safe stall for 7 days, to make sure that your new horse doesn’t bring home something that can affect your entire barn!  


Willow Creek Rescue documents all adoptions, all horses, and all donations & spending costs.

Staff even keeps up with each the progress of each horse, including name changes!

Getting Involved

If you’re interested in helping to rescue horses, there’s a few things you can do to help.  Willow Creek is a non-profit facility, so any donations you may make will go to great use - vet fees, horse supplies such as tack and feed, the costs of any future expansions, and the salaries of the staff.

To donate, simply type /pay WillowRnc2018 <amount you wish to donate>!

You can also apply to become a volunteer or a staff member with the rescue, to help with feeding, cleaning, training, and more!  

Adopting A Horse

It’s so simple, fun, and exciting to adopt a horse from Willow Creek Rescue!

You can see a full list of available horses on our website.  Or, if you prefer, you can come and see the horses up close and personal in-game.  Just type /warp rescue, and have a look around! If you think you’ve found The One, let a Willow Creek Rescue staff member know, and they’ll take care of the adoption for you!

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